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Whether it’s a big outdoor adventure or just a few friends over for a grill out, try a delicious Hobo Dinner. Enjoy your favorite sausage mingled with fresh veggies, peppers, onions and spices sizzling over hot coals. Oh the taste of the great outdoors!
Sausage Dinner Recipe
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Pat Lingo Ashcraft

Among the BEST sausage! Grew up eating it with breakfast every Sunday as a kid!

Vanessa Medlin Lubarsky

Well always had a certain brand but decided to try Swaggerty because it's natural. One problem I ate to whole box in 2 days. Bigger Problem I didn't share. LAWDY mighty good sausage. This old lady love's it.

Christopher Davis

My Grandmother and I just had our first ever Swaggerty's Sausage Patties and we both agree it was one of the Best we have ever had !!! We now see the future full of your products !! Many Thanks
March 24
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