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If you’re a fan of sausage balls, then our Sausage Party Sticks will hit the spot! A quick and fantastic appetizer for your next get together or an easy take-along to for a pot luck dinner. Our spicy bits of flavorful sausage wrapped in a warm, fluffy bread stick just can’t be beat!
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Jess Chadwick

I just saw your product at Walmart...and it is sooo good to see companies choosing a healthier approach to eating. I just tried the sausage patties and it was sooooo good. This is def a keeper! You just gained another customer!
December 20

Charlene Kappler

My family and I went on a vacation to TN a year ago. Stayed in an cabin in the mountain (have the T-Shirt), Loved the cabin and scenery but will not be doing that again that was a very scary ride up and down the mountain. While we were there we went to a local shopping center to get some groceries. The Swaggerty's Sausage was on sale so we purchased a box. When we came home (IN) we looked for this sausage and was only able to find it in one of our stores here. We have requested from the store we prefer to shop at but have been unable to get the sausage from them as of yet. When we go to the store that does carry this sausage we buy 2 to 3 of the big boxes of Swaggerty's Sausage at a time. It is the only sausage we will purchase now because everyone in the family loves it. It is not overly seasoned and has a great taste. Keep up the great work, Swaggerty's!

Ruth Ann Curtiss

Best sausage! We buy 10lbs bulk every time.
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