swaggertys difference

Lonas SwaggertyMr. Lonas A. Swaggerty began producing sausage in 1930, a time scarred by a great depression. Food was scarce and the money to buy it was difficult to find. So, from his Sevier County farm in Kodak, TN, Mr. Swaggerty took it upon himself to create a delicious sausage while struggling through the depression.

While the depression has long since passed, Swaggerty's Sausage Co. is still dedicated to producing a delicious product at a competitive price. Today, Swaggerty Sausage Co. is committed to producing the finest quality sausage on the market today. Utilizing the latest production technologies, we ensure our sausage is handled in the fastest, most economical way possible.

The Swaggerty family has entered it's third generation and we are committed to continue this tradition of providing you the best sausages. The quality of flavor you have come to expect has never changed.